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Threads of Deceit

Book cover background image reproduced by kind permission of Dennis Eldridge

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

  When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

James Poynter is a young man out for revenge. Set up for a crime which he did not commit, and by someone whom he believed he could trust implicitly, his sole focus becomes one of retribution against his former boss and the firm which he is defrauding.

His future at Brodsworth Textiles disintegrated one Friday evening prior to his wedding, when conscientiousness overtook him and he returned to the factory after work to rectify an error in his paperwork.

What he learned in that moment set off a chain of events which sent him spiralling downwards, and out of a job which had promised to propel him to senior managerial level.

Murder, deception, drug trafficking and embezzlement combine to derail the futures of everyone connected to the company, and set off a Europe-wide chase for the man at the centre of a plot so intricate, that the forces of law and order in several countries are thwarted at every turn leading to a stunning climax at Bristol Airport.

The main story line is supplemented at several levels by the private lives of those central to the plot, and the twists and turns will have you unsure, until the very end, as to the eventual outcome.

This is my fourth book, and is one drawn from experience in a variety of industries in the UK over the past thirty years. All characters are, of course, fictitious.

Here, as a teaser, is the Prologue...

ISBN 9781907728266


Greed – the third of the Seven Deadly Sins. Its impact throughout history has been one of negativity, and disaster on a global scale has inevitably followed in its wake. The unbridled ambition of a single individual was about to have a similar effect on the fortunes of an unassuming man and his livelihood. Subsequent events would prove to be catastrophic.

      Brodsworth Textiles, standing on Bridge Street and close to the banks of the River Tone in Taunton, had little of note, beyond its sheer physical size, to recommend it to the casual observer. It was one of many Dark Satanic Mills which sprang up in Victorian Britain at the height of the nation’s dominance of world economic affairs, and from that perspective was no different to a myriad of others dotted around the country.

      The company had ploughed its furrow in the textile industry for three generations, had seen the ups and downs of business life since its foundation by the present incumbent’s grandfather, and had come through the perils and pitfalls of successive economic booms and busts relatively unaffected.

      Now, however, it faced a fresh challenge – a set of circumstances totally unrelated to the normal cut and thrust of its usual commercial undertakings, and foreseen by no-one. Fuelled by one man’s avaricious behaviour, the company would be pulled to the brink of financial ruin, and the lives of a number of innocent people would be irrevocably changed.

      Murder, embezzlement, fraud and drug trafficking were to combine with lies and deceit as a chain of events, set in motion on a single Friday evening, would send the company spiralling downwards into insolvency.

      Desperate to preserve the integrity of what his grandfather had begun, Malcolm Brodsworth was about become the pivotal figure around which a maelstrom of events would unfold. His decisions, reactions to events increasingly beyond his control, would set off a vendetta destined to propel a young assistant manager to the forefront of the pursuit and elimination of an international drugs cartel.

      It had all begun so innocently, as a young couple began their preparations for a wedding which they believed would secure their personal future – a future long awaited, but one which was on the brink of being brought crashing down around their ears…