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      Exhibition - Shipley Country Park Visitor Centre


Entrance walkway to the visitor centre at the gateway to the Derbyshire country park where the exhibition of my writing extended for the whole of the month of October 2016.



With Lesley Robinson in front of the completed displays. Lesley is the manager at the visitor centre, and the person who made it all possible back in the summer.



And so it began - the start of adorning the blank canvas provided by Lesley Robinson at the centre, where Rob and I spent two and a half hours setting up on my birthday.



Hard at work laying out the plan drafted months ago for transferring to the two large walls on either side of the corridor to the cafe. 



Almost done with wall number one, but there's still much to do once the table is in place. Wonderful visitor centre staff provided cups of tea at this point. 




Wall number two with a layout now copied from the other side of the corridor. Lining up was Rob's task and he made a marvellous  job of it.




Getting there, and almost finished on number two - at this point we were about an hour and a half into it.




Number two finished! Great photography from Rob and not a single item upside down...




Surveying the results of wall number one just prior to the table being placed in position - now for the really interesting job of laying out the second stage of the exhibition.




Wall number one now complete with the full display of all eight books already in publication. Table cloth made to measure by my wonderful wife, Lynn.



Close up of the display table and the completed layout comprising books, bookmarks, flyers and newspaper cuttings.



Final closeup of wall number two.


The eight books were on sale at the centre, and could be purchased by taking a copy, along with a price ticket, to the reception desk where the staff were very happy to relieve you of your money. I was there on selected days to sign copies where required.


Further details of all novels can be found by visiting the indivual book pages on this website.


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