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                     Short Stories - Volume One


 ISBN 9781905809608


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How would YOU write to God for clarification on matters of the utmost urgency? Find out how Moses might have done it.

Dry your eyes after the tragic story of Liz when she finds the father she never knew, and hold your breath as an almost perfect insurance scam comes disastrously unstuck in the most unexpected way.

Shake your head at Mike's naiveté in dealing with a stranger in black, and share with Dave his hidden guilt when Tommy Watkinson returns to talk to his son Paul.

Fly into the realms of fantasy with James Taylor as he gets lost in a place that he knows only too well, and try to sympathise with Ray when the old couple ask him to save humanity.

Follow Dennis Marks in a trilogy which brings the book to its close as he searches for the truth about his grandfather.

This collection of unique little gems will expose every emotion on the rollercoaster which you are about to ride.



A Deal of Trouble

It all seemed too good to be true, and for Mike it certainly did turn out that way, especially when his crippled leg mended.


Paws For Breath

Did Ollie have a pedigree? Well let’s just put it this way, if he could talk he wouldn’t have spoken to either of us.


Battle Royal

How many more times would they have to confront each other before the conflict finally came to an end?


Flight of Fancy

George’s novel way of pensioning himself off holds a surprise for the one person who should have known him best.


Chance of a Lifetime

Like cat and dog they were, but Julia finally gave her brother Jack his come-uppance in life’s lottery.


Tell Laura I Love Her

 Terry and Laura met at a disco. He was shy and reserved and she brought him out of himself. All the more heartbreaking when they finally realised the true nature of their relationship.


A Golden Opportunity

Rosemary had struggled on since the death of her husband, but her son’s chance discovery provided them with a way out of their drudgery.


Bull in a China Shop


Terry’s clumsiness had always held him back but now he had Sandra as his girlfriend; would he be able to shake it off?


Dear Mom

Travelling can be a real pain sometimes, and when you’ve got stacks to do your mom is your best friend.


Finders Keepers

A deserted station, a thick fog and now where on earth was his wife? James Taylor was lost but he knew exactly where he was.


Loose Ends

They seemed to be the ideal couple, but ambition got in the way, and attempt at reconciliation came very late in the day.


The Best Summer

A family story set in an age long gone when times and pleasures were far simpler, but when troubles were still the same


Hit and Run

David had no idea how he’d driven on to the motorway, nor why he was travelling so fast, but the blood on his forehead told him that it couldn’t be a good sign.



Falling doesn’t kill you; falling is easy - it’s the impact at the end that’s fatal.


Out of the Frying Pan

Burt Travers was the company hatchet man and Mark was his next target. Fortune gave the victim a way out but it didn’t always favour the brave.


A Shot in the Dark

He had always taken care with planning, but coming up against an opponent as meticulous as himself was not what Sharpe had anticipated.


At Your Command

You would have thought that a set of rules handed down by the boss would be easy enough to follow. Not for this man.


And Did These Feet

Simon’s hitherto humdrum life is about to take an unexpected turn when he meets a very unfortunate pedestrian.


 The Cracker

Just when you think there’s nothing left to achieve, a perfect opportunity for padding out your retirement pops up.


A Sporting Chance

When you’re down and out, looking a gift horse in the mouth is not advisable. Colin didn’t know what he was grabbing, but he grabbed it anyway.


Sticking the Knife In

She had to go, there was nothing else for it. But which ‘she’ would it be?


Race Against Time

Barry shouldn’t have gone to the match up north, they lost 5-0 anyway; but then he never would have met Danielle would he? 



Tommy Watkinson was back, but what did he want, why now, and what was he doing talking to Dave’s son Paul?


A Shot Too Far

Maninga was holding all of the cards, and was about to deal Sharpe a hand that he would rather not have played.


Bitter Sweet


When her mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Liz thought that she was going to be alone until she found the photograph.


Foot in the Door

Never step beyond what you know. The rewards were too great for David to ignore. Ironic that he was innocent of the job they nailed him for.


Facing the Demon

Brian Powell’s life lay in tatters until he met Charlotte - she gave him a reason to live.


The Visitors

Ray didn’t want to save humanity, it was far too big a job for someone like him, but the old couple who came calling did not agree.


Spring Eternal

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and in the house of a host who seemed to be just that little bit too helpful. Rob was stepping blindly into the spider’s web.


Boxed In

An almost perfect insurance scam comes disastrously unstuck in the strangest way.


Reggie’s Revenge

A classic example of the mouse biting the cats.


Marks on the Wall

Dennis Marks knows that the death of Susan North was an inside job, but proving it was going to be quite a different matter.


Killing Me Softly

Gary was a hell raiser heading steeply down life’s hill. Jane put the brakes on him and turned his life around, but fate had other ideas.


Secret Life

Dennis Marks’ investigation into the death of Thomas Weston is anything but a run of the mill homicide.


Identifying Marks

The second instalment in Dennis Marks’ search for the truth about Thomas Weston.


Footsteps in the Darkness

The culmination of Marks’ investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of his grandfather



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