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August 2021 - Iris Dingle & Martin Flatters

Since my retirement in 2013 and  subsequent move to our retirement home, an olive farm in central Portugal, I have been able to fully immerse myself in my love of art and being creative.

For many years I have designed and made my own Christmas cards, which I gave to close friends. 

In 2016, we welcomed our granddaughter to the world and came up with an idea of an illustrated children’s Christmas story to celebrate her first Christmas. 

This book is co-written with my partner, Martin. The illustrations in the book are my own. Several of the animals featured in the book live on the farm with us, including the donkey, Mr Xister. 

It took several years to pluck up the courage to submit the book to a publisher, but with a lot of encouragement from friends who loved the book, I finally sent it.

We were delighted when the first publisher who saw the book agreed to publish and promote it. 

I’m currently working on our second book, another illustrated children’s book which tells the story of our epic walk over the mountains to bring our donkey home. 


Find Iris Here:


A Wintry Tale

A beautifully illustrated winter's tale which will delight young readers. 

Who is coming? The animals are so excited and cannot wait for their special visitor. 

This book will enchant and makes a perfect pre-Christmas gift

ISBN  9781916439887