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             Sutton-in-Ashfield Library Author Event


Friday, 8th July 2016

Sutton-in-Ashfield Library sits just inside the Idlewells Shopping Precinct at the end of Lammas Road in Sutton.  In a light and airy environment, it occupies three floors of the building and offers a range of facilities for the reader including internet access and a referecne section on the top floor.

From 1.30pm until 2.30pm I was invited to address the Crime Cafe reading group members on the topics of my writing and also my experience of the publishing industry.



 The complete collection to date on display at the event.



With Tracey Hughes, the Sutton Library Manager, in the crime section.



Tracey Hughes and Marg Thorne (Library Services Advisor) at the first floor reception desk.



Victoria Collins - Assistant Library Manager.


                   Beeston Library - Author Event



 Saturday, 25th July 2015


Beeston Library is a large library located on Foster Avenue. The library was established in the 1930s and moved from its original site on Station Road to Foster Avenue in April 1938 where it was one of the first purpose built libraries in Nottinghamshire. It is a very busy library serving a diverse community in Beeston.

There at the invitation of Lesley Sneath, the Library Manager, Lynn and I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours in the company of a warm and freindly audience.



With Lesley Sneath (left) and Jean Willgoose (right) in the Criminals section of the light and airy ground floor.



Lesley Sneath, the Library Manager - hard at work.         


                     Bawtry Library - Author Event



 Thursday, 15th January 2015



Bawtry Community Library is part of the Doncaster Libraries group, and is situated just outside of the town on the Doncaster Road. Staffed entirely by volunteers, it has that ‘homely’ feel of sitting down in your own front room and chatting to a gathering of friends.

Lynn and I were there on January 15th at the invitation of Liz Atkinson, to give a presentation of my books to an audience of two dozen from 6pm to 8pm.

I love these sessions, and the questions posed from those attending gave me more than enough of a chance to explain the storylines on my six published novels, and also to gain valuable insight into what potential readers are looking for.



 As well as the usual refreshments, Liz Atkinson very kndly organised a laptop and overhead projector for the evening. The event was situated in the cildrens' area of a very light and spacious room - plenty of space for me to display my novels.



Liz Atkison, one of a whole host of volunteers who run the library for the Doncaster group. I can't speak highly enough of the warm welcome that we received, and the comfortable atmosphere of this community facility.

                   Stapleford Library - Author Event



Saturday, 6th December, 2014


Another invitation organised by the lovely Ann Penn, Lynn & I were at the newly refurbished Stapleford Library at 10.30 for a talk to interested library members. The facility has undergone some radical renovations and reopened at the end of November. A light and airy building, it has a welcoming feeling the moment you step in the door.

In an hour long talk which seemed to pass all too quickly, we covered each of my six books in addition to the 'Christmas Murder Anthology' released by Pneuma Springs in October.




This is the wonderful display produced by the library manager, Jill. I'm in some very illustrious company, and the only downside was to find that all but one of my books laid out for the event had already been taken out by readers.



Photo courtesy of my wife, Lynn, showing  all but one of my books - A Ticket to Tewkesbury found an interested buyer before the end of the event.



 Left to right - Jill (Stapleford Library Manager), Ann Penn (Team Librarian), and yours truly in the crime section at the end of the event.


We'll meet up again at Beeston Library in the summer, as Ann is organising the launch of a Crime Cafe at the site.

         West Bridgford Library - Local Author Event


Tuesday, 26th August, 2014


Organised by Ann Penn, team librarian based at Nottingham's Beeston Library, this event showcased the work of four local authors, inluding myself, in an afternoon of considerable variety.




 Ann Penn





Left to right: Don Read, Neal James, Cristian Contras, and Rob Hann



       Derby Telegraph Feature - 'Day of the Phoenix'

                Riviera FM - Sunday 17th August 2014

" is a Community Radio station which was set up to serve the Torbay area with the intention of eventually going on fm radio but has stayed with broadband which pleases us as presenters because we can broadcast to all countries of the world."

"We have listeners join from many countries as well as from Torbay. We are an independent station, so we do not have advertisements and this greatly enhances our appeal."

"To listen to us go to  and click LISTEN LIVE".


Listen in below to the half hour which I was priveleged to share with them.



                 Derek Mason                                                  Rob Pethick



       Kirkby Library - Saturday 9th November 2013



Kirkby-in-Ashfield was once an important centre of coal mining and railways in west Nottinghamshire, with three active coal mines and a several railway junctions. The former Mansfield and Pinxton Railway from the Erewash Valley Line was joined here by the later Midland Railway line from Nottingham. The Great Central Railway main line passed to the south west side of the town and had a double junction with the Great Northern Railway Leen Valley Extension line to Langwith Junction and the Mansfield Railway to Clipstone.


Many thanks to Nottinghamshire Library Services in general, and Victoria Collins at Kirkby library in particular, for a highly successful event this morning at 11am.

Facilities provided were internet access and also a separate computer for the purposes of a Powerpoint presentation. The library itself is light, airy, and modern, having recently been refurbished.

Lynn and I thoroughly enjoyed our time, and we sold a good number of books to those members of the reading group present.


Details of the Nottinghamshire library at Kirkby-in-Ashfield are listed on the link below:


                                 Events Page

       Hucknall Library -  Saturday 31st August 2013




Author Visit – 31st August 2013


This was an event which came to me a month or so back and quite unexpectedly through the website from Nottinghamshire Libraries’ reader development scheme.

The library, a listed building with a completely revamped interior, stands at the corner of Hucknall's market place.

Jane Neal (no connection), the librarian, asked if I would be prepared to talk to the local reading group, and this is the sort of opportunity that any author should be keen to grasp with both hands.

The initial programme was to last for an hour beginning at eleven, but overshot by about thirty minutes as members of the audience of a dozen or so took full advantage of the freely scripted talk.

Many thanks go to Jane, the library service, and all those who turned up and made for a very enjoyable event. It was also good to spend a half hour with an old acquaintance from way back, John Gurnhill, and to sign the copies which he brought along.

Further opportunities are now at the discussion stage for similar occasions around the county. Watch this space for more information.


                  Blog Talk Radio - Renee Hand

  'Stories From Unknown Authors' - 25th March 2013


Renee and I had a verynice 'fireside chat' from 5pm UK time, and the audio file can be heard using the following link to her Blog Talk Radio show:



Here's a little of what she says about herself and her own writing:


The Crypto-Capers Review

This is a children's book review blog, and a chance for readers to keep up with their favorite books in the Crypto-Capers and Joe-Joe Nut Series. This is also a platform for the Stories From Unknown Author's Radio Show. Access the blog by the following link:



Book Reviews!


Authors, Publishers, Publicists, I would be delighted to review your book on my site and interview your children's author on my radio show. I am an award-winning adult and children's book author of interactive mysteries.

My books are all educational, interactive and fun. I review for the New York Journal of Books and post reviews on several sites. Just contact me at if you have any questions or fill out this form to schedule an interview.

I am interested in only children's books at this time. I look forward to reading your book!



Many thanks, Renee, for a very enjoyable hour and all the time and trouble which you took to get the programme on the air.

           Derby Central Library - Friargate, Derby

Listen While You Lunch -18th March 2013: 12 noon - 1pm




Many thanks to Marie Timbrell for setting up the session, and to Paul Rogers and the rest of the library staff for the warm welcome.

Facilities included a laptop linked to a wide screen television, making the Powerpoint and website presentations slick and eye-catching.




Three-part display boards provided an ideal medium for the posters supplied by Pneuma Springs, and the illustrations to the new book, ‘Full Marks', drawn brilliantly by Derbyshire artist, Rachel Beardmore.


                          Webb Weaver Books

1pm CST/17pm UK time, Thursday, 7th February 2013





Webb Weaver Books is the home of the Blog Talk Radio station where I passed a very pleasant half hour yesterday evening in the company of hosts CK Webb and DJ Weaver.

It was like passing an evening before a roaring fire with a couple of friends and maybe a bottle of wine.

The link for the show is listed at the end of this piece, but here’s a little of what my hosts say about themselves.




  CK Webb

I was born and raised in Mississippi, and dreamed of writing like the greats; Emily Bronte, Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King, to name a few.

I joined the US Navy and traveled the world, but eventually returned to settle down in the tiny town of Millport, Alabama. A self-proclaimed ‘reformed bad girl’, I now share my life with my husband and two beautiful children.

I also enjoy spending time with friends, family, and a book club. Although I take a great delight in preying on the fears of others, I enjoy killing people - thankfully in the literary way - in my novels.

I have just completed the first two novels in the 'Innocents' series which I co-wrote with my best-friend and mother, DJ Weaver. I write in a variety of other genres and also submit articles and book reviews for Suspense Magazine.





DJ Weaver

I originally hail from Pascagoula Mississippi, but relocated to north Mississippi in 1980.

I took courses at Mississippi University for Woman and Mississippi State University, studying paralegalism and Human Resources Management and have worked in the clerical field for twenty-five years.

Along with my daughter and best friend, CK Webb, I recently completed the first two in the three-novel Innocents series. I also write in a variety of other genres.

When I’m not writing, I develop and maintain WebbWeaver Review blog where I review books, and interview published authors regularly.

I serve as co-chairwoman of WebbWeaver Book Club and also write book reviews for Suspense Magazine. I am a 50-something year old mother and grandmother who now works part-time and make my home in Millport Alabama.


There you go, then, and that pretty much tells you all that you need to know. here the link to the show:


                           The Reading Circle

6.00am EST/11.00am UK time, Saturday 12th January 2013


Marc Medley on WPSC Brave New Radio


A wonderful hour-long fireside chat is what this event was all about, and in the company of a polished and professional radio host. The knack of these radio events lies in putting the guest at ease, and this Marc does with consummate skill. We talked long, and in detail, about all of my writing and the time just seemed to slip by. Grateful thanks go to the studio, and any listeners tuning in.


Here is a link to the entire 'chat':


 Click Here to Play


Here's what Marc says about himself:


Marc A. Medley is a principal responsible for more than 500 students in a K-8 elementary school in the school district of Paterson,New Jersey. Prior to entering the field of education, he spent 15 years with AT&T in its consumer marketing organization and in many instances served as a facilitator for corporate classes.

Marc served as an adjunct professor at the Madison campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Passaic County Community College where he taught Communications courses such as Public Speaking and Business Writing. He is the host of THE READING CIRCLE, a talk radio program designed to discuss books, authors, and other reading related topics. The show can be heard on Saturday mornings from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. on WP88.7 FM and around the world through the webcast on

Marc attended the William Paterson College in Wayne, N.J. where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and holds a Master in Corporate and Organizational Communications Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master in Educational Leadership(M.Ed)from William Paterson University. He is published as a contributing author to the book PAPER-THIN/SOUL-DEEP: A COLLECTION OF PERSONAL LETTERS AND JOURNAL ENTRIES OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN.

Marc is the recent recipient of the William Paterson University 2009 Maltese Award for Best Speech Based Program on WP88.7 FM, The Reading Circle with Marc Medley.


WP88.7 FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We broadcast to 2.5 million potential listeners in the number one market in America. WP88.7 FM reaches the ears and minds that other stations do not.

Visit these links to learn even more about the host.

 Twitter @readingcircle01 


         Sisterhoods Book Club, Corona, California

6.30pm UK time, Friday 14th December 2012




Forty-five minutes spent in the warm and welcoming company of Keesha, on the Sisterhood's Blog Talk Radio programme.

In a smoothly run interview, we explored a wide variety of topics, and the full transmission can be heard by following the link just below:


 Click here to listen in.


Contact me through the website if you have a book club or reading group and would like to take part in a similar event.  I have Skype available for group meetings, or GooglePlus for a site 'Hang Out'.

     Waterstones - Saturday, 22nd September 2012

                       78 - 80 St. Peters Street, Derby 



Back for a second stint at the Derby branch of Waterstones, and an early start this time, at 9am. This was a solo flight - Rob absent due to a bout ot the dreaded Lurgy. So, with camerman duties on my shoulders, there are no pictures of yours truly this time - you lucky people!


As with the previous visit, the layout of the presentation table was immaculate, and this ground-level shot really sets it off, I think. The view from the outside was equally impressive.


Give-away books marks went down extremely well, as ever. These are the products of my wife's skill in MS Word. Lynn set out the original templates, and all I have to do is plug in new information for each new book.


Here's a more elevated shot of the display table, complete with a better view of the promotional posters supplied by Pneuma Springs Publishers. They, along with the book marks, were dotted around the store. Eye-catching, aren't they?


Here's Sean Heavens (the branch manager), together with two of his lovely staff - Ros (left) and Karen (right). They kept me supplied with tea throughout the day, and extra stock of the Short Stories from the shelves when we sold out (once more).

Overall it was a very satisfactory event. At the final reckoning, two of the titles finished 4th (A Ticket to Tewkesbury) and 5th (Threads of Deceit) in the day's branch sales. I was outsold only by the new David Walliams book, Giftcards, and Book Tokens. 

Discussions  are now at an early stage for an event at a nearby branch, so watch this space.

      Waterstones - Saturday, 1st September 2012

87-97 Albion Street, Leeds


Standing at the top end of Albion Street, and a steady hike from the central part of the city, Waterstones' Leeds branch occupies a three-storey position on a very busy thoroughfare. Rob and I spent a very busy day there, arriving at around 9am and leaving for home shortly before closing at 6pm.



Yours truly,  shortly before the off, and preparing notes for the event. Once more, Rob's skills with the camera were much in evidence during the day, but a surprise was in store for him when a familiar face put in an appearance during the afternoon.


 True to her word, Michelle Pattinson arrived at the store shortly after lunchtime with a bulk order of literary requirements, some of which she managed to hold for the camera. Here she is with hubby Ian, daughter Emma, and yours truly. Now for Rob's surprise........



Yes, here is the editor-in-chief, complete with cheesy grin. Michelle is about as fast with the camera as Wyatt Earp, and she needed to be on the day. Rob doesn't hang around too much when snaps are being taken. As you can see, I thought it was hilarious.


So, that was it - a great day meeting lots of people and handing around all of the bookmarks which we took along with us. Many thanks to Kieran O'Connor and all of the staff at the branch for making us welcome and very comfortable. Hospitality extended to a generous supply of tea. We sold out of the Short Stories (again), halved the stock of Two Little Dicky Birds, and made serious inroads into the other two titles.

              Waterstones - Saturday, 9th June 2012

78 - 80 St. Peters Street, Derby



Standing at the corner of St Peters Street and Babington Lane in the centre of Derby, the Waterstones branch occupies an impressive and imposing three-storey site, and was 'home' to Rob Eldridge, my editor, and I for seven hours at the weekend.



Sean Heavens, the store manager, provided a constant supply of assistance and advice throughout the day, and is seen here with copies of the only two titles which remained and the end of the event. Maybe we should have taken the picture at the start of play! 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and 'Short Stories Volume One' sold out during our stay, and the event was a wonderful success. Diary dates should be forthcoming from Sean for a return later this year.



A small shot like this cannot give the true impression of the efforts put into the various displays by Jinny, one of the Waterstones staff. The view from outside the store windows was truly impressive, and many passers-by stopped in their travels through town.



Yours truly outside the entrance to the store just prior to setting up for the day. Rob's efforts as stand-in camerman were, once more, invaluable throughout the event.



Lynn and I are frequent visitors to Derby, and pass the store many times on our various shopping expeditions. I've stood outside this window on countless occasions and wondered what it would feel like to see my books there - now I know. It's a buzz which you never forget, and sets the hairs at the back of the neck on end. There I am, at the top of the pile for everyone to see - amazing!



You inevtiably bump into friends and colleagues at events like this, and today was no exception. Here, I'm talking with fellow CIMA member Adrian Randle and his wife Cathy prior to signing their copies of two of the titles available on the day.




As a parting comment, I must thank, once more, Waterstones in general, and the store staff in particular, for making the day such a success. Jilly I have already thanked for the displays, but she also kept Rob and I supplied with tea all day. Last but by no means least, Alison - I am very grateful for all of the preparatory work which she undertook to get the event in the diary, and for the assistance which she gave me in the weeks running up to the day itself.

             Waterstones - Saturday, 21st April 2012

 Bridlesmith Gate branch, Nottingham



Many thanks to Shane Maxwell-Atkin, Waterstones regional events co-ordinator, for setting up the book signing session, and to the branch staff who made both Rob Eldridge and myself very welcome during the day.


Yours truly, ready and waiting behind the superb display which the branch provided for the signing. The collage to the right was ideal for concealing a continuous supply of tea provided by the staff.        



Promotional poster supplied by Pneuma Springs Ltd, my publisher, in prominent position in the front window of the Bridlesmith Gate store. Grateful thanks to Vivian for the artwork.




 Up and running with the first copies of the session, and much appreciation to my editor, Rob Eldridge, for doubling up as cameraman for the day.



Sally Hindson with 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and 'Threads of Deceit' to complete her set of the Neal James collection.


A final note of thanks to all of the staff at the branch for looking after us during the day, and providing support for the event.

                                  Book Signing


 Saturday, 25th February, 2012


The Book Boutique - Church Street, Ripley, Derbyshire


Caroline Evans' wonderful book shop just off the market place hosted the Neal James book signing from 11.30am to 2.30pm


During a busy and well-planned session, customers were served with tea and cakes, as I was questioned about the four books in stock, planned future writing, and the perils and pitfalls of the publishing trade.


For those turning up too late, pre-signed copies are available at the shop, and a return to the store will be put in place for anyone unlucky enough not to obtain their copies.


 Caroline Evans, with her mum and dad, who provide support for the new shop in Ripley.



Local newspapers providing coverage, and publicity, for the event were the Derby Telegraph, and the Ripley & Heanor News.

       Blog Talk Radio - The Barbara Conelli Show

Sunday, 5th February 2012


5pm UK time saw me in the company of the charming Barbara Conelli on her Clique Show radio broadcast. The half hour programme was fascinating in the insight it gave me to the US world of literature.


We talked at length about my four published works to date, and at the end I was invited to take part again after the publication of 'Full Marks' later this year, so watch this space.


In the meantime, why not listen to the half hour session below: