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Amazon Author Profile

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My author profile on Amazon; now updated to include the new book, ‘Short Stories Volume Two’:

'The Beast of Bodmin' by Mark Edmondson

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‘The Beast of Bodmin’, Mark Edmondson’s debut novel, is a crime thriller which sets off at a gallop and puts the foot to the floor, leaving you struggling to keep up.

The first chapter hook is full of menace and suspense, leaving the reader knowing that there is something lurking just out of shot in the shadows. If the book cover doesn’t pull you in, this will.

Character development, an essential in maintaining reader attention, is carefully done for all major players in the drama which stretches across multiple plot lines, and the author leaves open a number of false trails for his readers to follow.

Without revealing the denouement, I was riveted by the story, and read the book over two sittings across an evening and the following morning.

The book is a satisfying and recommended read. I suspect this is not the last we will hear about Jo Green.

Mark Edmondson

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Mark Edmondson is my Guest Author for October with his crime thriller, ‘The Beast of Bodmin’:

Fiona McVie Blog

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Fatal Confession

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‘Fatal Confession’ is my FREE short story for July 2018. Originally written as part of a collaboration, it stands in its own right as a complete piece of fiction:

Amber Valley Info

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‘Dancing on the Dark Side’ is the first instalment of a two-part story set in the Derbyshire town of Riddings.

Paul Bilbie has kindly agreed to publish them both on Amber Valley Info. ‘Last Tango in Riddings’ will follow in due course, but here is the link to part one:

Book Blog Tour

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Hints & Tips

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My writing hints & tips, as edited and published by Nathan Weaver: